Below a list of courses I have taken during my PhD studies

Artificial Intelligence in society, 7,5c (ongoing).

Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence: Foundations, 7,5 c

Literature and Gender: Literary Theory and Criticism, 4c

Quantitative Methods in STEM Education Research, 7,5c

Software Engineering and Project Management, 5c

Basic Pedagogical Course, 7,5c

Ethics of Technology and Science, part I, 2c

Educational Equality through the lens of Bourdieu’s Capital, 5c

Subject Education Research – Research Front and Transformative Force, 7,5c
The aim of the course is to provide a further orientation of the broad practice field of subject education researchers. Issues about communication and transitions between the research front and applications will be addressed, as well as the role of learning theories and research paradigms for conceptualizing research.

Methodologies in Educational Research, 7,5c
The course aims to examine various methodologies that can be used in educational research.

User Interface Programming II, 5c

User Interface Programming I, 5c

Introduction to Subject Education, 7,5c
The course aims to introduce subject education in general and to further the students’ comprehension of one sub-field of subject education. Further, it aims to introduce different learning theories in relation to the concepts of subject education and pedagogy.

Computing Education Research, 7,5c
The aim of research within computing education is to study the learning, development, and improvement of CS education in computing through the use of rigorous research methods.