Professional Appointments

Positions of Trust at Uppsala University’s Faculty of Science and Technology
  • The PhD Students’ Council, chairman of the board 21/22.
  • The faculty board, board member (PhD representative) 21/22.
  • The equal opportunities committee, board member (PhD representative) 21/22.
Selected Presentations

Presentation at the centre for discipline-based education research (MINT), date 220120, title “A sociological and philosophical reflection on social justice in science education”

Poster presentation at the Koli Calling conference 2017.

High School Tutor (Mars 2017 – June 2017)

Facilitate tutoring workshops once a week at a high school. Students come to the workshop to get help with their school assignments and homework.

Uppsala University (Mars 2017 – April 2017)

Helped to organize the 20 years celebration of the university building “Ångström”