I have been a teaching assistant in the following courses:

Fall Semester 2017

Programming, 10c
Work tasks:
 Helped the students with programming assignments during lab sessions.

Introduction to Information Technology, 10c
Work tasks: 
Helped the students with programming assignments, monitored students discussion, gave feedback on students reports, as well as presentations.

Spring Semester 2017

Independent Project in Information Engineering, 15c
Work tasks: I attended the seminars and workshop to assist the course lecturer in any way that I can, although most of my work involved reading the student reports and giving the students feedback on the reports, both orally at the seminar and in writing at the final stage. I was responsible for reading eight (out of sixteen) group reports.

Fall Semester 2016

Information Technology and Society, 15c
Work tasks: I had an individual meeting with each student where we would discuss how he/she can work on improving specific “soft skills” during the course. The students would write a personal learning contract and based on the contract they could evaluate their performance. The course used competencies guideline developed by Curtin University, which focused on nine Graduate Attributes of which all the students should (try to) obtain by the time they graduate. The nine attributes include 1) apply discipline knowledge, 2) thinking skills, 3) information skills, 4) communication skills, 5) technology skills, 6) learning how to learn, 7) international perspective, 8) cultural understanding, and 9) professional skills. I also read and corrected the students’ project report.