Research Presentation for MINT

I was invited to present my research at a seminar arranged by the Centre for Discipline-Based Education Research (MINT). A few things have changed since I presented my work-in-progress article at the NERA conference. The title is now “Children Participating in Computing Outreach Activities – A Survey Study on Gender Differences”. We decided to focus on the results of the survey instead of focusing on the development of the survey tool itself. Thereby, the change of the title.

We have also decided to send the article to a journal instead of a conference because we believe the paper is good enough to be published as a journal paper.

IMG_MINT.jpgI really enjoy presenting my research at different seminars and conferences. I often get interesting and useful feedback and comments to take with me. I also feel more comfortable talking about my work (and in front of people) the more I get to present it.   


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